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Akhanda Movie Review Rating : Balakrishna is ‘Akhanda’ an atom bomb, said SS Rajamouli, a recent top director. He has the power to impress a mass audience. and Such is the power of his acting. With him, director Boyapati Sreenu Kalisharante is destroying records near the box office ‘Akhanda’ .

That fact has been proven so far. ‘Simha’, ‘Legend’ was the next film to be made in that genre .. ‘Akhanda’. Expectations skyrocketed as soon as the coconut hit it. And The promotional images aroused even more curiosity in the audience.

How is Balakrishna Garjana in the incarnation of Mari’ Akhanda’? Balakrishna – Did Boyapati hit a hat trick? Let’s get to know Kaithemito before we know it.

Akhanda Movie Review Rating
Akhanda Movie Review Rating
  • Cast: Balakrishna, Pragya Jaiswal, Jagapathibabu, Srikanth, Poorna, Subbaraju, Avinash, Saikumar, Shravan, Prabhakar, etc .;
  • Music: Taman
  • Cinematography: C. Ramprasad;
  • Composition: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Tammiraju
  • Art: AS Prakash
  • Words: M. Ratnam;
  • Fights: Stunt Shiva, Ram, Lakshman
  • Producer: Miryala Ravinder Reddy
  • Directed by: Boyapati Srinu
  • Company: Dwarka Creations;
  • Released: 2 December 2021

What’s so significant about a Akhanda movie?

In other words, the people of Anantapur say that Murali Krishna (Balakrishna) is not a farmer but a re-farmer. Factionalism seeks to change the path of many who have strayed. He builds schools and hospitals in the surrounding areas and serves the people.

Seeing this, Collector Sharanya (Pragya Jaiswal), new to the district, takes offence at Murali Krishna. I love it. The Vardha Rajas (Srikant) run the mining mafia in the area, and Uranium mining poses a threat to children’s lives.

What were the challenges faced by Muralikrishna when he entered the field to fight the mining mafia?
Who is the mafia leader behind the kings of war?
Where did Lord Shiva (Balakrishna), the companion of Murali Krishna, who left home as a child, grow up?
What caused the two of them to split up before they even knew it?
How did you meet again?
The rest of the story is about how Lord Shiva helped Murali Krishna and his family.

How is the Akhanda movie?

This is a film that combines all the elements of what fans and audiences expect from a Balakrishna-Boyapati combination. Lord Shiva alias Akhanda and in the role of Murali Krishna, Balakrishna was presented in his style. In the part of Akhanda, Raudra’s performance is universal.

If one character is reminiscent of a deluge, the other character looks as beautiful on screen as nature. Every scene, starting with the familiar scenes of the protagonist and ending with it, goes along with the Balakrishna Mass Image, Boyapati Mark theme. Elevation scenes whistling with fans are at every step.

The first half is about Murali Krishna – the love affair between the Sharanyas, which takes place against the shakti Swaroopananda Swami who kills the dean and becomes the master of the mining mafia. As a farmer, Balakrishna plays the role of Murali Krishna, a man who seeks the good of the people of the area. His conversations about nature are entertaining.

If Jai Balayya kicks the song, he asks. The song Balakrishna – Pragya duo looks delightful. Getting married to the heroines in the same music, giving birth to sins, and the second character’s acquaintance with that sinful impulse is good. The intact character precedes the second half. The movie is packed up there. Another height after the entry of Akhanda character. In the second sense, it is crucial that nature, the children, and how Akhanda ends the villainous slander.

Balakrishna’s second role as Agora was a plus for the film. There are signs that he was born with the aspect of Akhanda Shiva, so no matter how many stunts Balakrishna does in that role, they are like us. Every dialogue he says is like a fight, and every argument is like a climax scene. I know that Balakrishna will show Boyapati as powerful, but the dose has been increased even more.

The characters are even more impressive than the story. Balakrishna’s dialogues about the relationship between God and science, Hinduism, and whether he is not the same as Shiva are highlighted in the film. Emotions ran high in the background of children, temples, God, nature and so on. Pakka Paisa Vasool is a movie that draws the mass audience to the theatres with enthusiasm as a whole.

How did anyone do that in Akhanda?

Balakrishna Wine Man Shola Undundi Movie. After listening to his dialogues, it seems that this is the only story that Balakrishna can do after seeing his acrobatics. If Jai Balayya’s performance in the song entertains the fans, his fights will be on another level.

Although Balakrishna flourished in two roles, the rest of the characters in it are just as important.

Along with the heroine Pragya Jaiswal, the full-fledged scenes are also crucial in the film. Boyapati Sreenu turned Jagapathibabu into a villain with ‘Legend’.

Srikanth was portrayed in such a role in this film. He appears in a cruel role as the king of the war. The first encounter with Balakrishna and the first encounter with Agora is similar to Dhee. Jagapathibabu, Kalkeya Prabhakar and others acted according to the roles. The villain who appeared as Shaktiswaroopananda Swami also had the same effect.

Technically the film is superior. Tyman music, in particular, took the film to another level. The difficulty with which plays for the background music in the scenes that come in the background of Agora is understandable. Jaibalayya, Akhanda, Adiga Adiga ..

The songs are good. Ram Prasad’s camera work and M. Ratnam’s words are the main strengths of the film. Ram Lakshman, Stunt Shiva fight scenes are mesmerizing. Balakrishna – This movie once again explains why Boyapati Sreenu’s special.

While elevating the heroism by exhibiting the same mark as Boyapati, who is known for his mass nerves, he also shaped the film to strong emotions. Construction values ​​are high. read more reviews

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