26/11 Attack Mumbai : Thirteen years after the 26/11 Attacks, This Is The Promise We Need To Restore

26/11 Attack Mumbai : Every year we count, and now we’re 13 years removed and the night of darkness that lasted for three days remains present in our collective memories.

It was also part of the intention of the terrorists and the intensity was a an element of their plan. The attack on Mumbai 26 November 2008, unfolded in slow-motion savagery, with the aim of destroying landmarks in the city, while people were watching the horrific spectacle in real-time and in complete silence on TV.

Thirteen years after the 26/11 attacks Mumbai, this is the promise we need to restore

Mumbai was previously attacked but not as a mass attack. The attack was planned as a sequence of attacks made with hand-held weapons by a group of terrorists who were gathered from the sea. The first moment, Ground Zero was not an area, it was an arcuate arc. It was a horror movie to reflect the age of instantaneous, and it prefigured the future in which we are defined by our continuous posts of images text, video and image.

It extended from five-star hotels Taj and Trident that were frequented by city’s elite, glittering class, all the way up to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station. From here it has been over the years that thousands and thousands of Indians both women and men have come to Mumbai like they were attracted by a magnet bearing with them a hopes and dreams.

They hail from states such as Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan and Bihar.

To remind us We saw a lot of them in the pandemic and rushing to their homes in fear. Many are now returning to their homes, just like they do every day to re-create their lives and, by doing so they are remaking Mumbai the city we call Mumbai.

It was before we began to out into the world and yet, during sixty hours of continuous news coverage of the siege television cameras were tying their cameras to Taj Hotel.

The 26/11 strike was awe-inspiring and most importantly due to the fact that it marked a protest in an entire city that was populated by the typical Indian man, woman , and child.

The film brought to a halt abrupt halt an urban area, where one’s initial response is to move on and continue to be successful and survive entertain and entertain and tell an engaging story.

After the initial events following the 26/11 attack, India acted with remarkable calmness and sanity. Despite the pressure of the moment the country refused to allow itself to be enticed by the prospect of military aggression at Pakistan — not even when the arrest of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab and the revelations of David Headley stripped Pakistan’s military-ISI establishment of its alibi for non-state actors that were not under their control, and gave the country without a fig leaf. India allowed a regular legal trial, and granted proper justice to the remaining attacker even though the evidence for his guilt was prominently displayed on our television screens. We declared that those who died in the attack, those brave souls who defended us, had given their lives in defense of the nation and their commitment towards justice as well as the Constitution.

13 years on, the issue is how do we pay the proper honor to the 166 victims who were killed in the 26/11 attack in Mumbai and Mumbai, the kind they deserve? How can we get from those shadows that surrounded the harrowing moment? We, who escaped in Mumbai and India in India, free to write new stories?

It is true that 26/11 been a long-lasting memory and is now involved in the turbulent history that weighs on the Subcontinent. It’s not evident that we have escaped the many traps it laid for us. The risk was, and was, to allow ourselves to be defined and shaped by fear, and of making suspicion a routine and a driving force for our institutions and part of our common sense in politics.

Over the past several years I’ve been blessed to be a part of with The resultsguru and its community of readers for marking this day . Each year, we honor the spirit of survival and the ability to understand. Every year, I realize that the strength of survival is a result of the strength of humanity, and our common determination to not let terrorists determine our identity.

True, the 26/11 attacks has brought home the necessity of strengthening our security systems and break free of the staleness that had engulfed internal security. True, we are able to be fortunate every day, while the terrorist was able only one chance to win.

The risk is that the language and the mantra of security become more prevalent and ad hoc until “we” are locked in continuous and in constant battle against “them”, till accusation is more credible than evidence that only the spectres of truth are evident and evident, and everything else is considered to be unreliable and subject to scrutiny.

The spectres cannot be allowed to be more real than the human beings.

The characters must be heros and heroines in their own tales where the villain is defeated with more persuasive arguments and the police inspector is only present in the final scene.

The stories we tell grow larger than us and they may even skip across borders, often playing cricket, and sometimes through film.

Sometimes, they snuggle within the comfort of the hug, which was shared on social media, the hug that captain of India Virat Kohli offered to the Pakistani players Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam after the players in green defeated the guys in blue in the opening match during the T20 World Cup that concluded in Dubai in the last few days.

Sometimes, they are enthralled by the box office smash which was enjoyed by India as well as in Pakistan of the 2015. Salman Khan-starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It’s a tale that crosses borders about compassion and empathy, and an Indian man’s fight to bring the family of a Pakistani girl with family members.

Being free of fear means we are at peace with our neighbor as well as with ourselves. It is a way of acknowledging that the terrorists tried to make a spectacle and stir anger and make the currency of terror an integral part of our political system, yet we refuse him the authority over us.

Since, in the depths of our souls, we’re all Mumbaikars, regardless of whether or not we decide to reside in Mumbai. However crowded the area we live in is, we stare upwards at the skyscrapers and stars and look for the wider landscapes that join the ocean.

We believe that bigger things are possible and that we are able to create them for ourselves. We can lose ourselves in the dark cinema, and then step out into the bright light to start anew. For us we, the Mumbaikars are dark, but it isn’t something to be scared of because it is where the magic is found and where the imagination is freely.

A terrorist cannot be allowed to alter the way we live in the shadows or with our neighbor or us. The act of terror itself is not the only thing that can be permitted to end the interconnectedness our stories, or our multi-layered solidarity.

Thirteen years later, on this 26/11, when we are beginning to witness the very first signs after the terrible pandemic in which we lost a lot of our beloved ones, that’s the pledge we must be able to reaffirm to ourselves.

26/11 Attack In Hindi

26/11 मुंबई अटैक इन हिंदी: महाराष्ट्र की राजधानी में साल 2008 में आने और हमले की आज 13विआईन ब्रिसी है। इस हमले को भारत के इतिहास का सबसे भयावह आत निकी हमला खास जाना अच्छा नहीं होगा। साल 2008 में 26 एनवीएनबीआर के दिन 10 पाकिस्‍तानी स्‍मुद्र मार्ग से मुन्‍बि फुनसे द और की स्‍थानों पर अन्धाधुंध गोलिबारी की थी जिस्मन 18 सुरक्षाकर्मी स्मेट 166 लॉग। साथ ही की कोई भी लॉग गनभीर के रूप से होगे।

बटा देन, आज इस हमले केआई 13 ब्रिसिए के मौके पर मुनबि पुलिस किमीश्नर के ओनफिस में बने शहीद स्मारक में सुभ 9 बजे शहीद अधिकियां और पुलिस कर्मियोन को श्रद्धानजली दी जाएगी। साथ ही सुभ 10.45 बजे आए दिन हमले में शहीद हुए लोगो को श्रद्धानजली दी जाएगी। कार्यकर्म में महारास्‍त्र के गृहणत्री दिलीप वल्‍से पाटिल किसी भी लॉग शमिल होंगे।

आतंकियोन ने सबे से फ्ले रात 9.30 बजे छत्रपति शिवाजी रेल्वे ttrmintt पीआर गोलीबार की। आतंकियोन ने एके47 से 15 मिंट गोलिबारी केआर 52 लोगोएन की जान ले साथ साथ ही 100 से ज्यादा लोग घायल हो गए। विहिन, इस बाद रात करीब 10.30 बजे वाइल पार्ले मिले में एक ताकसी को बीएम से आतंकियोन ने उडाया था। इस्मेएन तटैक्सी दद्रैवर स्मेत एक यात्री की मौत हो गई थी। विहिन, इस्के टर्न 15 मिंट बाद बोरीबंदर से एक और ताकसी को बम से उड़दिया जिस्में दो यात्रियों की मौत हो गई। विहिन, क्रिब 15 लोग घायल गे।

आतंकियोन ने मुनबि के ताज हॉट्ल, ओबेरोनी ट्रैएड एनटीटी हॉटल और निरिंव हाउस में भी हमला बोला। विहिन, सुरक्षा ब्लों ने 29 एनवीएनबीआर की सुभ टीके हमलावर 9 और को मार गिराया था। विहिन, अजमल कसाब पुलिस में गिरफ्त था।

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